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Actor-Musicianship USA offers workshops, courses, and classes for all sizes of class and levels of experience. Each of these offerings has been developed at University, in the business, and face-to-face with actor-musicians. Please fill out a contact form below for more information.

Production Photo from Once, St.Michael's Playhouse, VT. Direction and Music Direction

by Chris "Red" Blisset.

(Photo credit: Andy Duback.)

One-Day or Two-Day

Workshops for Colleges and Theatre Programs

Actor-Musicianship USA will come to your university and offer workshops and lectures (some of which are beneficial to the non-musician.)

Topics/exercises available:

  • Audition Lecture and Intensive for the Actor-Musician (or the Actor)

  • Ensemble Work

  • Taxes for the Actor-Muso

  • Headshot/Resume' Input

  • Musicianship Counsel

  • Road Work (Finding Work, Turning Work into More Work, Saving Money on the Road.)

One-on-One Sessions

(or One-on-Two)

for Actor-Musicians

These 60-minute Sessions (90 minutes if shared with another) offer personal attention and input on the following topics:

  • Actor-muso Auditions

  • Entering the room

  • The Interview

  • Specific Auditions (OnceMDQ, etc.)

  • Headshot/Resume' Input

Actor-Musician I and Actor-Musician II for Theatre Programs

These semester-long (3-credit) classes were developed at Virginia Commonwealth University and incorporate 

methods from Jeremy Harrison's book and work.

Sections Covered:

  • History of Actor-Musicianship

  • Ensemble Formation

  • Doing the Work

  • Audition Intensives (including working up specific auditions the actor is right for)

  • Headshot/Resume' Input

  • Musicianship Intensives/ Adding Instruments

Contact Us for Classes and Workshops

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Beyond workshops, classes, coaching, and counsel, there are some resources available to the actor-musician, whether seasoned or just starting out. 


Every actor-musician should have a copy of this book. Many of the methods celebrated by Actor-Musicianship USA come from this fantastic piece, and from its author, the preeminent scholar in this field: Jeremy Harrison.

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